PackageKit Collections

From PackageKit 0.3.3 onwards, a new type of package is supported called a collection.

 What gpk-application looks like with collection support

A collection is a metapackage that can represent a group, where the package mapping is done inside the backend. It is not like a catalog where an external file provides a meta-group. This enables the “group install” and “group remove” functionality people have been requesting since version 0.1.0, without get another abstract group mapping or extra API to support.

I’ve made a few changes in the daemon to properly support this new type, and in the yum backend Tim Lauridsen has added support using the comps group mapping. Mike Langlie has drawn us some great icons, and Anders F Bj√∂rklund implemented collections for smart, and helped us with the design process. The extra type should be trivial to add to other backends too.

We added the feature in just a few hours of hacking, as everyone was working together. I’m amazed at how people work together so well all over the globe, in different timezones and with different work priorities – thanks guys.

Comments, as always, appreciated