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abrt and pk-debuginfo-install

Recently I’ve been looking at the abrt project. It’s looking pretty good so far, with one notable exception: Currently they install the debugging packages using the Fedora script debuginfo-install, and scrape the standard out for errors, and inject to standard in an unconditional ‘Y’ to anything that looks like a question. The script is also […]

gnome-power-manager and multiple batteries

In times of 2-21 to 2-25, gnome-power-manager maintained an big fat elaborate cache of power devices and combination devices which was populated by HAL. This allowed us to have “virtual” devices such as multiple composite laptop batteries. This abstraction sucked and made some horrible assumptions about devices. And it was slow. These virtual batteries were […]


I’m thinking of buying an ASUS EEE 900A for testing power saving stuff and generally having a Fedora machine to travel with on the bus rather than the N800. Any advice? Thanks.

Does your project use PackageKit?

Yesterday, somebody asked me on IRC if there was a list of projects using PackageKit. I said no. I’m now adding a section on the website with just this content. So, please send an email to me or the mailing list if your project is using PackageKit BY DEFAULT. This doesn’t mean “can be installed […]

New web host

I’m looking for ideas for a web host to replace namezero. I’ve been with namezero for years and years for my personal website mostly due to laziness, but now their service has got beyond a joke and I’m looking for a replacement. Can anyone recommend a (possibly UK based) hosting provider? I need about 1GB/month, […]

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