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I’m looking for ideas for a web host to replace namezero. I’ve been with namezero for years and years for my personal website mostly due to laziness, but now their service has got beyond a joke and I’m looking for a replacement.

Can anyone recommend a (possibly UK based) hosting provider? I need about 1GB/month, about 50Mb webspace. I need just apache for static HTML pages, no MySQL, PHP, or any CMS fancy-whatsits. I need to transfer a single .com domain, and setup a few mail redirects — no mailboxes needed.

I don’t mind paying a little extra for uptime or for a company that isn’t going to go bust anytime soon. Ideas welcome. Thanks.


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  1. Hurricane Electric ( is both crazy-cheap and crazy-fast. They’re not UK-based but they are very central from a web-topography point of view. 2G storage/125G transfer/static content is US$1/month; for US$10/month you get 5G storage, 500G transfer, and CGI/PHP+MySQL. I’m not using them at the moment but have used them in the past and been very pleased, ymmv.

  2. I can give you some DreamHost space for free. Could probably also offer you cheap hosting on our servers at CWCS datacenter in Nottingham.

  3. Rimu Hosting!

    I’ve been with them for a few years . Great company . No downtime ( knock on wood )
    Google them, great reviews.

    Dallas based is the cheapest at $19 USD which is about 12 Pounds

    UK Based server also available for $25 USD

  4. Possibly over the top for what you’re asking for, but the bytemark linux VMs are good and fairly cheap.

  5. is cheap at the lowest of the low end. Linode is hands down the best I’ve found.

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