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GNOME Color Manager

Well, you could say I’ve been busy. I’ve had a couple of days off this week, and instead of relaxing like normal people, I wanted to fix ICC profiles on GNOME. First the hard bit. You have to go to your screen vendors website, and download the “drivers” for your monitor. They’ll likely come in […]

ICC Profiles and GNOME

I’ve got a multi-monitor setup here, with my T61 being my primary display, and a 28″ LG flatpanel as my secondary display. I also take a lot of photos, and do editing in GIMP and Rawstudio and have noticed the colours on the LG are very different to the colours on the T61 screen. And […]

PackageKit and debconf (progress)

There’s been a lot of noise about PackageKit and debconf in the past, but not an awful lot of coding… Until now. Daniel Nicoletti is the maintainer of KPackageKit, and a log time contributor to PackageKit. He’s also the guy behind all the recent SimulateX() methods that required quite a bit of clever coding to […]

gnome-shell a week later…

A few people commented on my blog after my last post, and asked me if I actually liked GNOME Shell. My last post wasn’t meant to be stinging criticism, more pointing out things that need to be addressed before we can call this the shell of GNOME 3.0. I’ve filed lots of bugzillas (some already […]

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