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GNOME Control Center in GNOME 3

Last week I sat down and implemented some of the gnome-control-center mockups for GNOME 3. This is the screen mockup, which as the name suggests, is all the settings related to the screen. We’ve also made the power panel much, much easier to use. All the power-user settings are still available in GSettings, if you’re […]

Preupgrade, meet PackageKit

Yesterday I merged a patch to PackageKit which added the UpgradeSystem() method to the transaction interface. This is the natural compliment of the GetDistropUgrades() method which was added last year. This allows a session user to upgrade the OS using the same familiar PackageKit tools, and without doing dumb things like asking for the admin […]

PackageKit and Debian

PackageKit tries really hard to work for these people. PackageKit is designed for these people. Debconf is a simple protocol that dpkg uses to ask the user configuration data at install time. I think it’s generally a bad idea, as installing should generally be silent and automatic and configuration should be a separate step. That […]

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