GNOME Control Center in GNOME 3

Last week I sat down and implemented some of the gnome-control-center mockups for GNOME 3.

This is the screen mockup, which as the name suggests, is all the settings related to the screen.

We’ve also made the power panel much, much easier to use. All the power-user settings are still available in GSettings, if you’re the geeky sort who likes to tweak. The conclusion we’ve come to, is that we should fix drivers, rather than provide workarounds for hardware bugs in the UI.

This is all available right now if you compile using jhbuild, and will be available in Fedora rawhide soon.

36 responses to “GNOME Control Center in GNOME 3”

  1. Jean

    Will you still provide all the graphs? They’re terribly useful and make battery control on GNOME uncomparably better than what Windows provides.

  2. Andreas Nilsson


  3. Philip

    “Lock” by itself as a section heading doesn’t seem particularly intuitive. “Screen Lock” instead, perhaps?

  4. Philip

    Also, “Shutdown” should be “Shut Down” (verb form, rather than noun form) for “When the power button is pressed”. Looks nice otherwise!

  5. korbe

    Great and sweet (I like the “Lokation” variable to change the behavior of the laptop),

    But on screen options we lost resolution, orientation, double-screen mode and second screen?

  6. Michael

    Hmm what about dimming settings? gsettings only?

  7. Michael

    Oh dimming is in the screen config page… but not separate for ac/battery…

  8. korbe

    And some any questions:

    – We lost option to spin down hard drives. It’s activated by default?

    – We don’t have a button “Show power historic” for show charge, uncharge, etc of all batteries (laptop, mouse, keyboard) ?

  9. Allan Day

    Woo! You rock, Richard! Few things in there that could be tweaked… I’ll be in touch about that. ;)

  10. Michael Gauthier

    Looks boss.

    Any plans to use an on/off widget like the on in the top right of the following screenshot for the screensaver lock?

  11. maxauthority

    I love the whole window theme! And I agree with Philip’s comments otherwise :)

  12. anonim

    What about the screen lid (in laptops)?

  13. korbe

    And for ”laptop screen closed” options or if we want to lock, or not, screen when it is turned off ? Only on GSettings ?

  14. Hylke

    Great work! :)

  15. Jardik

    Can you add feature to gnome power manager that when the lid is closed and only external display is on that it wouldn’t do anything? And when both external and internal display are on, internal gets turned off and external stays on? In current 2.32.1 the behavior is odd and sometimes it turns off external one, sometimes internal one, sometimes both (and this even happens when “Do nothing” is selected in gconf).

  16. pt

    why are the images on this article incorrectly resized?

  17. Jones Lee

    How about move the battery status icon to the right hand side adjacent to all options?

  18. korbe

    An other question:
    Any plan for GPU selector?

  19. me

    Looks too primitive. Where is search box?

    What “All Settings” button means? Are these widows modal? You can’t open several setting windows?

  20. Mårten

    I’d move the batttery image to the right of all the controls, since you have the space.

    Also, provide a button to the graphs from this interface. Or a link to the “battery settings” if there is such a page.

  21. Misha Shnurapet

    I don’t see any options for lid close / open. Where did they go? I need to configure these events.

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