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Introducing display calibration using colord-session

This year I never got around to using my annual holiday. To use up some of the time that I cannot transfer over to next year I took the last 4 days off work to put up Christmas lights, buy a Christmas tree and create a new bit of shared infrastructure for calibrating displays. I’ll […]

Color Management Hackfest 2012

Well, it was an excellent weekend for me. General notes: Till and I did a lot of testing of Ghostscript and found a very nasty bug indeed. Daniel got arrested at customs, and any help for him would be most appreciated. √ėyvind (pippin) is always super interesting to talk to, and we discussed a way […]

Unashamed family plug

My dad wrote a book about learning to drive in the UK. If you’re interested, the website has some more details.  

Being an OpenHardware Vendor

Libre Graphics World did an interview with me about being an OpenHardware vendor in my spare time. tl;dr version: Stressful but very rewarding.

ColorHug devices in stock

Ania and I spend a good chunk of this weekend calibrating more ColorHug devices, the open-hardware colorimeter. A combination of me being unwell last week and the stress of a house extension (and a baby on the way) meant this batch has been far more delayed than we wanted it to be. Devices can be […]

Offline OS Updates - Looking forward to GNOME 3.6

Offline OS Updates – Looking forward to GNOME 3.6

All weekend I’ve been hacking on PackageKit and systemd to be able to have a GNOME 3.6 user experience that looks like the new update mockups. So what’s the plan? gnome-settings-daemon will automatically prepare the transaction using PackageKit downloading all packages (either all, or just security updates) and deps which in turns creates a /var/lib/PackageKit/prepared-update […]

Linux Color Management Hackfest

From the 16th to 19th November we’re planning a hackfest in Brno, Czech Republic. The venue is kindly being sponsored by Red Hat. What we’re trying to achieve is to get all color-minded people in the same place at the same time, to try to join up some of the color management stack in Linux. […]

Getting the ICC display profile

I’m at LGM this year, and so far it’s rocking pretty hard. The number one question people have asked is “how do I get the screen profile for a window“. I figured this should be easy to get using colord, and then spent a few minutes working on some proof-of-concept code. This ballooned into a […]

Stop wasting time and money, make the Fedora 18 release name “Fedora 18″

Calling all Fedora users and developers. Please visit the official poll to choose the future of Fedora release names. Nobody refers to “Running Fedora Verne” and choosing the name every few months is just a giant waste of time and waste of a very busy legal team that has to review and research each stupid […]

colord-kde 0.2

Daniel released colord-kde 0.2 today. I’m really excited about the amount of progress he’s made in such a short amount of time. He’s has had a bit of rough ride with the loss of his daughter last year and this year he’s been hacking on colord-kde and PackageKit and trying to make open source a […]

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