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AppData Validation Tool Update 2

There’s a new version of the AppData validation tool, and this one actually downloads and validates the screenshots you’ve included in the .appdata.xml files. See the AppData specifications for guidelines on how to make good screenshots. Get it while it’s hot, appdata-tools-0.1.4.tar.xz or I’ve built Fedora RPMs too. Please yell if you think you’ve written […]

Copyright in AppData files

More AppData news! I’ve been contacted by someone connected to Debian Legal, who apparently want me to add copyright information to the AppData files for licence compliance. Whilst most of the files are CC0 (basically public domain) it doesn’t seem super important, but it is technically required. If you ship an AppData file, I’d appreciate […]

Frikin’ Awesome Apps (without AppData)

In GNOME Software, we show a list of applications for each category that we think are frikin’ awesome. Some have AppData, and some don’t. For the ones that don’t yet have AppData it leaves the responsibility of writing the long description to the Linux community, where we can push the data back to upstream so […]

GNOME Goal: AppData for all applications

Daniel Mustieles García has proposed a GNOME Goal that every official application in GNOME should ship an AppData file. See the wiki page and check your module. Loads of modules have already added files, but remember, the AppData file has to be translated and validated before it’s ‘done‘ for the GNOME Goal. Thanks!

Input methods in GNOME Software

Input methods in GNOME Software

Thanks to a lot of help from the IBus developers, we’re now able to install and remove input methods in GNOME Software.

AppData Validation Tool Update

There’s a new version of the AppData validation tool, now with all the reported bug fixed, and a lot of new tests added. Get it while it’s hot, appdata-tools-0.1.2.tar.xz or I’ve built Fedora RPMs too. Please yell if you think you’ve written a valid file, and it fails to validate using the tool. We’re now being […]

GNOME Software on MATE and XFCE

Hi all. tl;dr: If you want to run GNOME Software on MATE or XFCE you need to set an environment variable like GNOME_SOFTWARE_COMPATIBLE_PROJECTS=MATE,GNOME,XFCE Long version: In the software application we have the problem where applications have the same name and summary, but are targeted against different desktops. We know when an app targets a specific desktop […]

AppData validation tool

A upstream maintainers have contacted me about some kind of validation tool for AppData files. I’ve spent a couple of days creating and then packaging appdata-tools which includes the appdata-validate command. This returns non-zero if there are any syntax or style issues with the AppData file. I’d appreciate it if a few people could try […]

My application isn’t showing in the GNOME Software Center!

First, don’t panic, it’s not some big secret agenda, or any kind of Swedish conspiracy. The Fedora AppStream generator ignores your application if: There is no Name or Comment in the desktop file. You need both. There is no application icon, or if the application icon is missing or less than 32×32 in size Your […]

GNOME Software Talking Your Language

GNOME Software Talking Your Language

Thanks to the always-awesome Giovanni Campagna, GNOME Software now speaks your language.  

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