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meta: It has been a long time since I’ve written anything. Being a father has taken its toll on my free time, and I got out of the habit of writing. As has happened every time I have hit a dry spell in the past, I count on the same thing to get me started […]

Mon 13 Sep 2004

Travels: I spent last week in Northern California meeting with a customer. The visit with the customer seemed to go pretty well, though it took a lot of my time. I also saw friends and family while out there, and was generally kept busy. On Wednesday, I made it to a Red Sox game at […]

Fri 12 Sep 2003

GNOME (2.4): It’s out. It wasn’t the prettiest release thus far, but it’s in good shape. I have big plans for 2.6. But first… GTK+ (2.4): This is in danger of slipping a bit. I really need to finish my GChildWatchSource patch and get it into glib. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a pretty […]

Fri 31 Aug 2001

GNOME2: mmeeks came to visit. Good talk about the platform. Birthday: My Granpa turned 80 a few days ago. I sent him an email to wish him happy birthday. He’s doing pretty well, and is even trying to use a scanner now. Birthday (age): When my Grandpa was my age, he had already been shotdown […]