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Sun 04 Nov 2001

Meta: Missed all of October. I went to another wedding in Chicago during that time. Zana and I got cell phones. I worked a lot on the GtkTreeView; it’s getting close to finished now. So much happened, so little was detailed. I suppose I should write it down so I can remember, if nothing else. […]

Sat 14 Apr 2001

location (home): Back in town. Parents came to visit. I’m very very busy.

Tue 10 Apr 2001

guadec: It’s over now. It ended up being one gigantic blur of hackers, meetings, discussions, and other such goings on. There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in GNOME right now — we just need to finish it all and get a release out. location (copenhagen): Spent a lot of time wandering around the […]

Fri 06 Apr 2001

guadec: Really busy day. Helped give a GTK+-2.0 this morning by confusing everyone on how the new tree widget works. Hopefully every one will figure out how to use it as well as how cool it is. Saw a talk on . Missed Rob Gringle’s talk while eating lunch, and trying to get the networking […]