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Sat 14 May 2005

introspection: Matthias has been doing fantastic work on the GObject introspection front. It’s currently in the gobject-introspection module in CVS if anyone wants to play with it. It is already mostly functional, if a bit untested. He added libffi support this week, meaning that g_function_info_invoke() now works. For those who haven’t been following this project, […]

Sun 06 Jun 2004

AisleRiot: I fixed a bug in the hint code in odessa.scm that has been bugging me for seven years. While testing it, I found another bug (crasher) that must have been there for at least as long. My scheme skills are rusty. weather: Zana and I went to the beach with Brian and Delphine, yesterday. […]

Thu 04 Mar 2004

Music: With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II Ol’ file chooser That ol’ file chooser. He don’t show nothin’ But he must save somethin’ Cause we just keeps codin’ We keeps codin’ along. Codin’ along. He don’t make new dirs He don’t drag bookmarks. Files thats big is soon forgotten. But that ol’ file chooser We […]