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Sun 27 Nov 2005

words: I don’t know the name of the process for turning the middle letters of a word into numbers (such as i18n and a11y), but Elijah should win a medal for proposing a1t (art).

Wed 06 Jul 2005

evince: We got a bunch of patches this weekend from Matt Wilson of rpath fame to fix up the tiff backend. If someone wants to hook us up to some telephony software, we’d make a pretty awesome display for a fax program. I also read in the ChangeLog that Marco put some code to make […]

Sun 09 Sep 2001

dinner: Had a very nice Boullabaise for dinner tonight with Christian. Zana had Mahi Mahi. We also has Oysters and Buffalo shrimp. It all was very excellent. stray animals: While walking the dog with Christian and Zana, we ran into two dogs who had gotten loose. They were pretty friendly, though they mangaed to get […]

Tue 03 Apr 2001

words: Zana just gave an explanation for what the CVS sign below meant. It means that, at midnight, they open the till. Prime time to rob it, I guess…

Mon 02 Apr 2001

words: The local CVS pharmacy has a big sign on it claiming to be “Open Till Midnight”. I’m not sure if that’s correct or not, but I’d use “Open ’til Midnight”, or even “Open Until Midnight”.