Sun 09 Sep 2001

  • dinner: Had a very nice Boullabaise for dinner tonight with Christian. Zana had Mahi Mahi. We also has Oysters and Buffalo shrimp. It all was very excellent.

  • stray animals: While walking the dog with Christian and Zana, we ran into two dogs who had gotten loose. They were pretty friendly, though they mangaed to get the dog very excited. I dragged them up to a door, and managed to get the attention of their owner inside. She seemed to be relieved to get the dogs back, and didn’t know how they had gotten out.

  • stray animals (redux): I got a call from Christian soon after he left. He had gotten no further than the end of driveway, before he saw a white kitten in our front yard. We determined it was a stray as it had no collar. Christian took it home with him, and will bring it to the shelter tomorrow.

  • words: For some reason, I spent all day trying to remember the word ‘hemophilia’.

  • virtue (GTK+-HEAD): I wrote some documentation this morning. I saw Havoc did a little last night and the guilt got the best of me.

  • paper: I lost my work for my paper for ALS when I reinstalled my laptop earlier this week. Need to spend most of tomorrow rewriting it.