Fri 14 Sep 2001

  • work: Went back to work on Wednesday. I got a lot more into my tree. It kept me busy all day, which was good. Still, it’s hard not to keep an eye on the news. All in all, it was a pretty dismal birthday. Zana tried really hard to make it nice though, and that was the best present I could have gotten.

  • present: Zana also got me a very cool Patriots cap, as well as tickets to the game against tha Panthers this weekend (not to mention train tickets down there.) Unfortunately, the game was canceled. I’m not sure how excited I could get at the moment about the game. For that matter, the Patriots were looking likely to lose. Still, it was an awesome idea, and I hope we can do it again some other time.

  • paper: Staying up late tonight working on my paper for the X technical conference for ALS. Fun fun fun.

  • fencing: Haven’t gone back. Too busy at work. They were probably canceled tuesday, anyways. I haven’t managed to get equipment, either. I will go next tuesday for sure.

  • flatulent doggy: The dog is having gas problems tonight. Blech.

Sun 09 Sep 2001

  • dinner: Had a very nice Boullabaise for dinner tonight with Christian. Zana had Mahi Mahi. We also has Oysters and Buffalo shrimp. It all was very excellent.

  • stray animals: While walking the dog with Christian and Zana, we ran into two dogs who had gotten loose. They were pretty friendly, though they mangaed to get the dog very excited. I dragged them up to a door, and managed to get the attention of their owner inside. She seemed to be relieved to get the dogs back, and didn’t know how they had gotten out.

  • stray animals (redux): I got a call from Christian soon after he left. He had gotten no further than the end of driveway, before he saw a white kitten in our front yard. We determined it was a stray as it had no collar. Christian took it home with him, and will bring it to the shelter tomorrow.

  • words: For some reason, I spent all day trying to remember the word ‘hemophilia’.

  • virtue (GTK+-HEAD): I wrote some documentation this morning. I saw Havoc did a little last night and the guilt got the best of me.

  • paper: I lost my work for my paper for ALS when I reinstalled my laptop earlier this week. Need to spend most of tomorrow rewriting it.