GNOME startup speed

After some great advise from Michael, I’ve committed 2 changes that improve a little bit more the GNOME startup time. This, with the previous changes (to gnome-settings-daemon to lazy load not critical services, like screensaver and typing break and use a single GConf client instead of calling gconf_client_get_default repeatedly), along with the GConf improvements recently announced, login time for CVS HEAD is, for me:

  • Cold startup: 14-18 seconds
  • Warm startup: 5-7 seconds

My “benchmark” is very basic (chronometer), so if anyone could benchmark it better, I’d appreciate it.

2 Responses to “GNOME startup speed”

  1. Rodrigo,

    You can try bootchart. Take a look at A graph of gnome-session.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you give an estimate of what it was without these changes? I doubt my system is the same as yours, so these numbers don’t mean much to me.