Looking Forward

Two reasons I am looking forward to Online Desktop:

  1. I wont have to waste time setting up my IM/E-Mail client everytime I re-install my operating system, or move to a new computer
  2. I wont have to worry about which computer I saved my documents on when I take my just my laptop away from home

7 Responses to “Looking Forward”

  1. Of course, you could just buy a Mandriva Flash :)

  2. Numpty says:

    Isn’t that why IM services store your contacts on their server, and why USB sticks were invented?

  3. Alan says:

    3. I won’t have to care whether the applications I am using are Free Software or not.

  4. Matthew says:

    4. I am screwed when the provider closes up shop.
    5. I can’t do jack without a network connection.

  5. Garoth says:

    What the heck? Set things up??

    Well, if you have /home on a separate partition, you don’t ever need to re-apply settings to anything. You just re-install the / OS and plug in your /home. All your settings are kept in .x files in your home folder.

    On Ubuntu, the home partition can be set to automount somewhere during the install process. I haven’t re-done any of my bookmarks, nautilus sizes, e-mail settings, or IM settings… in memory.

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  7. tf says:

    Of course, you will have to worry about who is reading your mail, but I guess that is a minor inconvenience ;)