Looking Forward

Two reasons I am looking forward to Online Desktop:

  1. I wont have to waste time setting up my IM/E-Mail client everytime I re-install my operating system, or move to a new computer
  2. I wont have to worry about which computer I saved my documents on when I take my just my laptop away from home

7 thoughts on “Looking Forward”

  1. Isn’t that why IM services store your contacts on their server, and why USB sticks were invented?

  2. What the heck? Set things up??

    Well, if you have /home on a separate partition, you don’t ever need to re-apply settings to anything. You just re-install the / OS and plug in your /home. All your settings are kept in .x files in your home folder.

    On Ubuntu, the home partition can be set to automount somewhere during the install process. I haven’t re-done any of my bookmarks, nautilus sizes, e-mail settings, or IM settings… in memory.

  3. Of course, you will have to worry about who is reading your mail, but I guess that is a minor inconvenience 😉

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