Interesting Things

A couple of interesting things are happening in the world of artwork themes at the moment:

  • There was a meeting on the future of GTK+ themeing at Guadec
  • Stephan Arts of XFCE is proposing a specification for Theme Packages
  • Bruno is doing a fantastic job at putting together a new website for
    You can check his progress on this wiki page.
  • We have a new appearance capplet for GNOME 2.20:
  • We have a refreshed Clearlooks theme thanks Andrea Cimitan
  • Many more tweaks and additions to the icon theme too from Andreas, Jakub, Lapo and others.
  • And there are plenty of discussions about new artwork for GNOME, including a new GDM theme, background and new graphics for gnome-games!

2 thoughts on “Interesting Things”

  1. Sterling work thomas! I had one of those deja vu moments though… “Did I file a bug about that, I was going to file a bug about that, maybe someone else filed a bug and I read it”. but either way its now fixed! You can change the mouse cursor in the same place as the rest of your theme! YAY!

    Now as long as there’s a method to install new cursor themes in the same place I’m a happy man. Plus the bigger thumbs are a great idea, how about a chance of hooking into emerald themes too? that is a big ask but it would be cool!

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