Sabayon LDAP support

Earlier this week I blogged about Sabayon, the profile editor. I got several comments about how it would be nice if it supported LDAP. So, I spent some time this week hacking up LDAP support.

I wrote some initial documentation on how this works, and now I’d like some feedback. The system is very flexible and IMHO nice, but I’ve never administrated an LDAP network, so I’m not the best person to ask.

If you are interested in Sabayon and LDAP, please read the docs and send your impressions to the mailing list.

One thought on “Sabayon LDAP support”

  1. Alex, this is VERY COOL! Sabayon + Pessulus + LDAP down the road could function like a better version of Microsoft’s Group Policy Editor.

    In my personal opinion, this is what the “enterprise” linux desktop is sorely lacking. Keep up the good work!

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