Gtk+ printing on windows

This week I have continued to work on the highlevel platform independent Gtk+ printing API (availible in libegg in cvs). Its getting pretty good by now, and I have a couple of test apps that verify the API works.

I spend most of the time this week in windows, implementing the win32 version of the backends. I did that for two reasons, first of all any Gtk+ API has to be portable, so I have to make sure that the API we come up with is implementable on windows. The second reason is that windows already have a print dialog, and working with it lets me learn a lot about the general requirements of printing dialogs that we can use as input both for the highlevel API and later when implementing the unix dialog.

I’ve put up a small windows demo
Its got all the dlls required to run it. Just unzip it to a directory and click on start.bat to launch it. (It spews error output sometimes because it can’t find the stock icons, I dunno why that is.)

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