GVFS presentation slides

On Wednesday I did a presentation on GVFS at guadec, and a bunch of people have asked me for the slides, so I put them up here.

The talk went ok. There was a bunch of questions during the talk, so unfortunately I had to skip a couple of slides. But at least thats better than having no questions (and thus interest) at all.

Update: pdf version availible

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  1. thanks, but pdf would have been much cooler, I don’t want to download OOo just to watch slides … 😉

  2. GVfs looks great. One question though… Has any thought been given to recursive directory monitoring?

    I took a look at the git repo and it doesn’t look like it’s available. It would IMHO be good to have so apps don’t have to reimplement it themselves over GVfs or by direct use of e.g. inotify.

    I remember Robert Love and Joe Shaw having some issues with doing it over inotify in Beagle. That is, it wasn’t straight forward to avoid races… missing events… or whatever it was… anyways, that leaves me to believe that not many apps will get it right.

  3. Hey, how about a PDF version of the slides, for all OOo2-impaired people (like myself at the university)?



  4. I’d love to be able to see the slides, but installing OpenOffice is not an option for me. Would you consider reposting them in PDF format?

  5. There is no gvfs mailing list at this point. Discussions have happened on the gnome-vfs mailing list and the Gtk+ mailing list.

  6. It looks like g_file_replace() takes the mtime of the previous version so that you can avoid the lost update problem. However, for HTTP you’d really want to use the ETag instead, and for other protocols maybe some other unique version identifier. Maybe GFileInfo should include some kind of opaque version identifier? Or, of course, maybe I misunderstood what the mtime is there for (haven’t looked at the code).

  7. Ben:
    Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe just use a string, since thats easy to marshal. All we need to do with it is compare it anyway.

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