gio-standalone merged into glib

I just commited the gio code into glib:

185 files changed, 52768 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

This is a pretty large piece of work. Its still got some areas that need work, and the docs are far from ready, however the API is imho pretty powerful and easy to understand. If your app uses file I/O in any way, please take a look at the GIO APIs and give feedback.

16 thoughts on “gio-standalone merged into glib”

  1. Sounds like interesting work; could you point to a project overview, for people not already familiar with the GIO work?

  2. @anonymous, @Diska
    Grab the glib-gio module from subversion, build, read the docs. They’re not great but they’re improving, and of course, you can help too! If you grab gio-standalone, you can look in the “programs” directory and find simple gio utilities (gio-move, gio-trash, etc) that show small examples how how to use the new API.

    Have fun!

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