The return of Client side windows

For a long time now I’ve been working on the client side windows branch of Gtk+. By now it is mostly feature complete when it comes to normal use. However, one of the drivers of client side windows and the initial reason I started working on it is the ability to do offscreen window rendering. The last two weeks I’ve been spending on getting that to work and integrated into the platform.

I think a video says more than a million words here:

[vimeo width=”400″ height=”439″][/vimeo]
(Original ogg availible here)

This is using the current client-side-windows branch of Gtk+, plus my own gtk-in-clutter code availible in the client-side-window branch of

Next up is getting the non-X backends working and getting this merged into master.

41 thoughts on “The return of Client side windows”

  1. Sweet! I can only imagine the horrible UI-crimes against humanity this will inspire, but still… sweet.

  2. Cute! Man, if you get this working on framebuffer directly without X in the way we might actually see a pretty fast implementation. We’re about to eject inner windows in Firefox as well, which will improve our performance as well. Finally getting the architecture right….

  3. Thanks for taking the time to show this off… looks cool, can’t wait to have clutter functionality exposed in java (Java-GNOME bindings perhaps?). Anyway, this is way too cool for summer!

  4. omg! zOMG! zzzzOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111ONEONEONE

    bling bling bling 😀

    input transforms teeehehheehe

    it’s like so cute ‘n’ stuff!

    /me dances a little

  5. question: does this mean that the windows have control of all their content?
    so google chrome for linux could have an integrated windows border with tabs (like in windows and mac) and the window border would still follow your theme?

  6. Sorry my ignorance at the topic, i’m a “ordinary linux user”, but is this possible to apply to an installed distribution? I mean: i have ubuntu 9.04 installed on my machine, can i use this “feature”?

    very good work! Best regards from Brazil.

  7. Great work, one question though – do out-of-process windows still work (ie GtkSocket and GtkPlug)?

  8. Michal Hruby:
    They work in the client-side-windows branch, yes. However they work by using a native window for the gtksocket widget, so you can’t use GtkSocket in an offscreen window.

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