More Gtk+ in the cloud

Since my last blog entry I’ve worked a bit more on broadway, and the openshift-broadway cartridge for openshift.

New in this version:

  • Bumped all modules to the final gnome 3.8 releases
  • Chrome support (this used to work, but had regressed)
  • Password protection for the broadway session (optional)
  • Added a simple app launcher to the default session
  • Added gedit, gnome-terminal and glade to build
  • Made it work with https (using a terminating ssl proxy in openshift)
  • General bugfixes and robustness

Here is a video of this:

[youtube width=”512″ height=”384″][/youtube]

5 thoughts on “More Gtk+ in the cloud”

  1. Nice. To save on bandwidth, and latency, would it be possible to create a multi-platform gtk+ client which already has the gtk+ toolset embedded in it, and then have a lightweight protocol that controls it?

  2. cool! still I don’t understand if this is going to be taken to its logical conclusion and make the whole desktop work through the browser.
    That would be a competitive advantage of the gnome platform.

  3. @Andrea R this is more for ISV to develop real life applications using Glib/Gtk+ stack, so it can be used basically everywhere, even on platforms using nothing but HTML5 capable browser. Kinda crossplatform promise of Java/C#, only more workable (for certain kind of applications, anyway).

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