xdg-app 0.5.2 is out

In sync with the new stable runtime release, there is a new xdg-app release, version 0.5.2.

This has some major changes in how we build language/locale extension, which makes it important to update if you’re building an application or runtime.

Of course, there are some new features, fixes and updates, so regular users should update to!

2 thoughts on “xdg-app 0.5.2 is out”

  1. How does this work for things like gnome-news?

    News requires tracker have rss support built in at compilation I believe, and requires the miner to be installed, etc. If tracker is not set up that way on the host system, will News function properly by somehow pulling in what it needs and running a daemon like that itself?

    1. Walter: In general, tracker doesn’t make a great fit with sandboxing. However, the tracker people are aware of this and are considering changes to make tracker be something you can run with/in your app rather than having to be a shared resource on the host.

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