Spotify and Skype flatpaks moved to flathub

This is a public service announcement.

I used to maintain two custom repositories of flatpaks for spotify and skype. These are now at flathub (in addition to a lot of other apps), and if you were using the old repository you should switch to the new one to continue getting updates.

This is easiest done by removing the current version and then following the directions on the flathub site for installing.

One thought on “Spotify and Skype flatpaks moved to flathub”

  1. Hi!

    I tried to install several applications by “click to download” which launched gnome-software. There I clicked the “install” button but it just quickly “greyed out” and then it returned and the button still said “install”. Listing my installed flatpak applications from the command line also showed that it had not installed anything.
    I then tried to install the applications from the command line instead and that worked. Any idea why installing with gnome-software failed? Any logs can look at?

    I’m running Manjaro (arch based distro) gnome flavor with the latest stable versions available of flatpak and gnome-software:

    > flatpak –version
    Flatpak 0.9.12

    > gnome-software –version
    gnome-software 3.24.3


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