Gnome apps migrated to flathub

Last week I finally migrated the last app from the gnome stable application flatpak repo to flathub. The old repo is now deprecated and will not get any new builds.

In the future, all stable flatpak builds of gnome apps will be on flathub only, so make sure you add it as a remote.

There are a lot of apps on flathub now, have a look. And if your application is not there but you’re interested in adding it, please check out the flathub docs.

2 thoughts on “Gnome apps migrated to flathub”

  1. OK, so I did `flatpak remote-delete gnome-apps`

    I’m still left with:

    % flatpak remotes –show-details
    Name Title URL …
    gnome –
    gnome-nightly GNOME Nightly Runtime
    gnome-nightly-apps GNOME Nightly Applications

    , are these still relevant? E.g. org.gnome.Photos is still on gnome-nightly-apps, but was last built 2017-12-13.

    Does/will flathub host nightly development builds of apps? A killer use case for flatpak is allowing moderately advanced users to answer the standard developer response to a bug report “Does it happen with the latest development build?”

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. The “gnome” repo has the gnome runtimes, these are also mirrored on flathub, so its not technically necessary to have, but it also is not out-of-date really, so don’t care.

      The others are still relevant as they have devel builds, as flathub only host latest-stable-build of things. And, yes, i realize flatpak is very useful for nightly builds, but it is just not viable for the scope of flathub to carry the development builds of every app in the world. At least for now…

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