Developer Experience Hackfest Report

I have been at the Developer Experience Hackfest representing Anjuta with Carl-Anton. Here is a summary of the plans for the coming months.

The goal of this hackfest was to define how to create a platform using GNOME libraries to develop, distribute and use applications as easily as possible. This can be called GNOME OS but it is not an OS. It is more an SDK bundled with a way to install and run applications without changing your system.

An IDE is needed to develop those applications and will be part of this effort. Anjuta is a quite obvious choice because it is using GNOME libraries.

Anyway the goal of this IDE is quite different from Anjuta. While Anjuta tries to be useful to develop any kind of Unix applications, this IDE will be designed for a new type of applications having a more limited scope.

I’m not ready to stop Anjuta and work on this new IDE. But as Anjuta is very flexible, I think it’s possible to use Anjuta to implement it. It will be an interesting experience and should benefit to Anjuta as most of the code could be the same.

To be more practical, I think one main change is to write at least a new project backend plugin replacing the autotools backend. I think it’s needed to present a simple interface. By example having a simple combo list to select the targeted platform (GNOME 3.6, GNOME 3.8…) instead of a big list of available libraries, hiding C compiler flags and so on. We will start trying to use the BuildJ format because it is quite simple but it will probably need some improvements to support these GNOME applications.

Another important point is to load a custom session on startup. The idea is to be able to start Anjuta as it is now or as a more limited GNOME IDE. We will need to add more flexibility in several plugins too, by example to keep only the GNOME applications templates in the project wizard.


Anjuta 3.6.0 released

Anjuta 3.6.0 (September 26, 2012) — James Liggett

This is a new stable version of Anjuta and all users should update to this
version as all 3.4.x versions become unsupported at this point.

Summary of the major changes between 3.4.x and 3.6:

* project-manager:
– Support for calling make check (Sébastien Granjoux)
– Support for subdirectories in project groups (Sébastien Granjoux)
– Crash fixes (Sébastien Granjoux)

* git
– Git Tasks dock is only shown the Git dock is active (Sébastien Granjoux/James Liggett)
– The Status view is the first view shown in the Git dock (James Liggett)
– Status view works with git 1.7.10 and newer (James Liggett)

* symbol-db
– Various crash and infinite loop fixes (Massimo Corà)

* sourceview
– Use common indentation settings (Sébastien Granjoux)

Bug fixes:
bgo 680401: Git plugin (Status) doesn’t work with git version
sourceview: Correctly implement popup-menu (bgo#672692)
project-wizard: Explicitely use 3.0 as interface version for ui files (bgo#675877)
symbol-db: Ingore files with unknown language (see bgo#678695)
libanjuta: Fix memory corruption in AnjutaPkgConfig (bgo#679827)
build: Only check for passwords when installing as root (bgo#680136)
document-manager: bgo#680554 – entry of find in files doesn’t get focused
document-manager: bgo#680559 – Find in Files does not scroll to top of results
document-manager: bgo#680555 – Escape key does not dismiss Find in Files panel
Fix bgo #680657 – Warnings when starting anjuta
Fix #679767 – crash trying to stop the debugger

Anjuta 3.2.2 released

There is a new stable release of anjuta in the 3.2 branch fixing some important bugs. All users (and distributions) are recommended to upgrade to this version!

Bugs fixed:
648934  Vala completion doesn’t work in some cases.
659563  Bookmarks reset to position 1 after file changed on FS
660841  build failure with [-Werror=format-security]
662526  Can’t replace with empty replace text
663016  Fix search behavior in regex and selections
663385  Replace all hangs when replace text contains search_text
658788  Change default dist to .xz
661511  Python/Django Project Wizard: Missing Components/Programs: django-admin

Thanks to: Abderrahim Kitouni, Arnel A. Borja, Sébastien Granjoux

Anjuta 3.2.0 released

Together with GNOME 3.2 we are proud to release a new stable version of anjuta that will be bug-fixed and maintained for the next 6 months.

This version probably doesn’t feel that it has so many shiny new features but that just makes it a lot more mature. Important changes include:

  • Enhanced project-manager that knows much more about autotools than you do
  • Many improvements in the vala plugin allowing better coding support and more stability
  • Support for auto-completion for Gtk.Builder objects in python

For the boring details check the NEWS file!

Get it from the GNOME ftp servers while it’s hot: anjuta-3.2.0.tar.xz


Anjuta 3.0.3 released

Anjuta 3.0.3 “Berg 2011” (10 June 2011) — Johannes Schmid

Bugs fixed:
glade: Load widgets correctly on startup (bgo# 651670)
project-wizard: bug #650930 – anjuta-3.x project wizard fails to detect autogen-5.11.x
project-wizard: bug #652017 – Default pygtk has incorrect path for ui file
file-manager: bgo#578511 – after vcs update the files’ icons don’t get updated
build-basic-autotools rh#707734 – Remove reference to non-existing scratchbox option

Thanks to:
Alexandre Rostovtsev, Jason Siefken, Massimo Corà, Sébastien Granjoux,
Tamara Atanasoska


Anjuta 3.0.2 released

This is an update of the stable series, everbody is encouraged to update to this version.

Anjuta 3.0.2 “Summertime” (23 May 2011) — Johannes Schmid

– Fix “Redo” in glade plugin
– Make tabs look less ugly

Bugs fixed:
rh#705958 – sdb_model_iter_is_valid: Process /usr/bin/anjuta was killed by
signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
bgo #644047 – No Symbols shown in Global and Search


Anjuta 3.0.0 “Three.Point.Zero” (4 April 2011)

Anjuta 3.0.0 “Three.Point.Zero” (4 April 2011) — Johannes Schmid

This is a new stable release and the first major release in years.
Everybody is encouraged to update to this version. This version will be
supported for the next 6 months with bug-fixes.

Thanks a lot to everybody who helped us to get this done. It wasn’t always easy especially thinking about the pain of the GTK+ 3.0 migration, GSettings while we still wanted to provide new features. However, this is probably the best Anjuta ever though it’s still far from perfect. Maybe it will never be 🙂

Summary of new features compared to 2.32.x:
* New project manager that supports a wider range of autotools features
(Sébastien Granjoux)
* Reworked git UI for easier version control (James Liggett)
* Better glade integration including drag & drop for signals
* Inline search features replace and regular expressions (Eugenia Gabrielova)
* Project wizards adapted to new GNOME3 libraries and languages

Bugs fixed (since RC1):
645470 Anjuta from git master still creates Vala projects using GTK 2
645557 Autogenerated PyGTK projects have wrong path to UI file
646530 Anjuta crashes when closing tab other than current

Thanks to:
Abduxukur Abdurixit, Akom Chotiphantawanon, Andrea Zagli, Aron Xu,
Ask H. Larsen, Bruce Cowan, Bruno Brouard, Christian Kirbach, Daniel Korostil,
Daniel Nylander, Djavan Fagundes, Duarte Loreto, Gabor Kelemen, Joan Duran,
Joe Hansen, Jordi Serratosa, Kenneth Nielsen, Kjartan Maraas, Lukas Lommer,
Marek Černocký, P. F. Chimento, Peteris Krisjanis, Rajesh Ranjan,
Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes, Sébastien Granjoux, Yuri Myasoedov


Anjuta 2.91.91 “Less bugs, more fun” (Beta 2)

– Signal dragging support for Vala (Abderrahim Kitouni)
– Improved C++ signal dropping features (Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita)
– Regular expression inline search (Eugenia Gabrielova)

Bugs fixed:
623735 Move pkg-config symbol parsing to language-support-cpp-java
638836 language-support-vala: refactor to work with latest project manager
336856 Search and replace is not simple
565275 Quick Search should be able to search backward
565276 highlight all matches in Quick Search
568047 Glade plugin does not allow adding notebook containers with less than 3 tabs.
638134 Redesign of Single and Multi-File Search & Replace
643205 Updates symbols on glade signal drop.
644014 Typo at translation message
640545 File-wizard screws up file notice
642763 Fix memory in message-view plugin
627105 Mark default diff filenames for translation
642749 Status window doesn’t work
643707 Please remove unnecessary markup from .ui files
644050 Some strings are not marked for translation in the .ui file
636410 Unable to delete data target
639440 [PATCH] Strings not translated when plugin manager is used form apps
643245 Create a prototype in the header file when a signal is dropped in a C source file.
643828 A few typos
641331 Add a (non-alphabetical) sorting order to wizard files

Thanks to:
Abderrahim Kitouni, Akom Chotiphantawanon, Daniel Mustieles
Daniele Forsi, Dragos Dena, Eugenia Gabrielova, Gabor Kelemen,
James Liggett, Jorge González, Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita,
Massimo Corà, Mathieu Dupuy, Sébastien Granjoux, Yuri Myasoedov

Special thanks to all the translators for spotting typos and non-translatable strings!

Download: GNOME FTP

Anjuta 2.91.6 “To all the dead poets” (31 January 2010)


Bugs fixed:

638506 Homepage: FAQ Mailinglist link is wrong
639786 quick bookmark deletion
640277 editor position history doesn’t work with shortcut
618142 Anjuta Snippets Plug-in
627131 Autocompletion duplicates characters
639795 Editing variabile after inserting snippet bug
638980 Crash when closing project
608578 Anjuta is unable to import Gnumeric source tree
611206 doesn’t recognize newer AC_INIT
615990 path is missing when add a source to the target
616041 Add Source -> Cannot add source files -> Core Dump
618617 Project view doesn’t make sense
638368 test-suite fails
639342 Anjuta crash when loading libgee
640348 minor mistake in UI string
640726 anjuta stops updating session information
581613 Unable to import a tarball into Anjuta 2.4.2
639093 I can’t start a new project properly

Thanks to: Chao-Hsiung Liao, Christian Kirbach, Daniel Muestieles,
Daniel Mustieles, Dragos Dena, Fran Diéguez, James Liggett,
Jorge González, Kjartan Maraas, Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič,
Michael Kotsarinis, Rakesh Pandit, Sébastien Granjoux


Anjuta “2.x, still alive” (29 Dec 2010)

This bug-fix release fixes an annoying random crasher because we were
misusing xmlCleanupParser.

Bugs fixed:

  • bgo#636665 – [PATCH] .vapi file not distributed
  • lp#448126 – The “Report bugs” menu entry does not work
  • bgo#636312 – Double click fails to select entire word if it contains _ or digits
  • bgo#633018 crash in Anjuta IDE: misuse of xmlCleanupParser

Thanks to: Robert Ancell, Sébastien Granjoux

Download: GNOME FTP