Anjuta 2.32.1 released

Anjuta 2.32.1 “2.x, we will miss you” (12 Nov 2010) — Johannes Schmid

This is a bug-fix (and probably the last) release of the Anjuta 2.32.x series.
It fixes several annoying bugs and all users are encouraged to update to this

There have been improvements in the python and C/C++ support so coding should
be a lot more conveninent.

Bugs fixed:

  • language-support-cpp-java: bgo#621916 – check for brace
  • libanjuta: bgo#633042 New: Sensitivity off ‘ok’ button on the project import dialog
  • language-support-cpp: Don’t show duplicated results in autocompletion
  • build: bgo#633661 – vala support is automagic
  • language-support-cpp-java: bgo#633112 – Smart Brace Completion Quotation Mark Crash
  • python-support: Fix bgo#631223 autointention causes anjuta to hang

Thanks to: Carles Ferrando, Daniel Nylander, Giannis Katsampirhs, Jens Georg,
Joan Duran, Jorge González, knight2000,
Pacho Ramos, Sébastien Granjoux, Takayuki KUSANO

Download: GNOME FTP

Anjuta 2.91.2 “Remember the days when we ported from Gtk+ 1.2 to 2.0?”

WARNING: This is an unstable release! It’s the first released based on the GNOME 3.x library set and a such it may kill your kitten though it’s unlikely.


  • Everything works with gtk+-3.0 now. gconf replaced with GSettings, etc.
  • Switch to enable/disable modeline detection – Automatic completion of comments with “*”


  • Glade hasn’t been ported to gtk+-3.0 yet and isn’t available
  • class-inheritance isn’t build because of missing foocanvas for gtk+-3.0
  • gtodo is disabled and will probably be removed soon – terminal plugin hasn’t been ported to GSettings, yet

Bugs fixed:

  • bgo#600407- Missing LIBXML_CFLAGS and LIBXML_LIBS
  • bgo#627105 – Mark default diff filenames for translation bgo#577595 – Prepend comment with *
  • bgo#625903 – Port to GSettings bgo#625978 – configure failure in gtk+-3.0 environment
  • bgo#631952 – better GObject-Introspection support for new-project branch
  • bgo#633661 – vala support is automagic

Thanks to:

Abderrahim Kitouni, Andika Triwidada, Carles Ferrando, Eugenia Gabrielova, Evgeny Grablyk, Florian Ludwig, Gabor Kelemen, Giannis Katsampirhs, Javier Jardón, Jens Georg, Joan Duran, Jorge González, Josseline Mouette, knight2000, Mario Blättermann, Matej Urbančič,  Nanci de Brito Bonfim, Pacho Ramos, Sébastien Granjoux, Takayuki KUSANO

Download: GNOME FTP


Anjuta 2.31.90 (Beta 1) released

  • Python is now fully supported
  • Initial support for python plugins (Abderrahim Kitouni)
  • Snippets plugins from GSoC (Dragos Dena)

  • Language support for Vala got a major update

Bugs fixed:
  • project-wizard: bgo#625434 - remove cvsignore from templates
  • python-support: bgo#626950 Anjuta crash with python support
  • build-basic-auotools: bgo#626562 crash refusing to clean the configuration
  • symbol-db: bgo#622529 - Crash when trying to open a non-writable project
  • symbol-db: bgo#616560 - Symbol views do not display names containing especial chars correctly
  • manual: Fixed mailing list adress (bgo#625588)
  • language-support-vala: bgo#626306 Symbol completion doesn't work with "this."
  • libanjuta: Increase launcher buffer size (bgo#624700)
  • class-gen: add missing include (#626265)
  • Add PyGTK project template. Fixes bug #608304.

Thanks to:
Abderrahim Kitouni, Andika Triwidada, Daniel Nylander, Dragos Dena
Fran Diéguez, James Liggett, Jens Georg, Jorge González, Leandro Mattioli
Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič, Vincent Untz, Yang Hong

Anjuta gains support for Python

So, finally the Python plugin originally developed by Ishan Chattopadhyaya in GSoc 2009 has made it’s way into the master branch after some heavy modifications. As usual the auto-completion and calltips are fully asynchronous and won’t be in your way while typing. You need to have the rope libraries installed for it to work (and that’s not checked for now…) and they are used as backend. As I am not a Python programmer I cannot really say if the support is complete but it shows a reasonable amount of information. As python is not a strong-types language this are actually a bit tricky and all the dirty work is done inside rope.

Enough words, some screenshots:

Autocompletion for python objects
Python calltips

Patches welcome…

All Python programmers are encouraged to test this, give feedback (Bugzilla) and ideally write patches to improve this.

(cross-posted on Anjuta News Blog)

Anjuta 2.31.1 “Too hot to code” released

Anjuta 2.31.5 “Too hot to code” (12 June 2010) — Johannes Schmid

– Debugger supports pretty-printing now

– More work on the symbol database code quality and performance

Bugs fixed:
project-wizard: bgo #623754 – focus on wrong text-field
run: bgo #623944 – buttons swapped on “Program parameters”
gdb: bgo#494292 – Set next statement
gdb: bgo #617323 – Save debugger stack trace
configure: Fix the forced debugging mode even if –disable-debug is given (bgo#612453)
Fix for bgo #622706 and allow to sort shortcuts by accelerator
symbol-db: Fixed bgo #617472: doubled items in locals view
bgo #622526 – HAVE_INTROSPECTION does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
terminal: bgo#619253 – Problem of ianjuta_terminal_execute_command in 2.28
anjuta: F6 switches focus instead of setting over (bgo#621678)
symbol-db: Fixed crasher bgo #622139
project-wizard: bgo #621512 – Remove deprecated glib symbols
language-support-vala: bgo#620927 – Vala plugin compilation
libanjuta: bgo#620664 – Drag and drop of multiple source files

Thanks to Abderrahim Kitouni, Akom C, Andika Triwidada, Fran Diéguez,
G. Baylard, Gennaro Bellizio, Jorge González, Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič,
Naba Kumar, Romain Perier Sébastien Granjoux

In front and behind the scenes of Anjuta development

Today Anjuta 2.31.3 was released today and it brings some nice features and bug fixes (see NEWS)

What’s new?

  • Massimo Cora’ put a lot of energy into the speed of the symbol database population and brough it down to about 15 seconds for 1000 files.
  • Abderrahim Kitouni finished up his GSoc ’08 work and the language support for vala got merged into trunk. This means we now have autocompletion and calltips for Vala.
  • Naba Kumar ported the class-inheritance plugin from GnomeCanvas to FooCanvas, made it much faster and integrated it back into master

What’s happening behind the scenes?

  • Sébastien Granjoux worked hard on the new project-manager branch but unfortunately it won’t be finished in this cycle. But once it is finished it should bring a much better project management to anjuta.
  • Naba Kumar is working on improving the database queries for the symbol-db which should in the end result in faster and better autocompletion and in general better code.
  • James Liggett started working on a completely new and innovative interface to the git version control system. It will integrate version control much better into the workflow.
  • Abderrahim Kitouni also worked on a plugin loader for python and javascript plugins. In the end we should hopefully support even more plugin languages with gobject-introspection. He blogged about it.
  • In general we follow the development of libpeas with much interest. This might replace our own plugin infrastructure in the future.
  • The glade plugin was cleaned up. It doesn’t provide any new features (actually, some were even removed) but it should be more stable now. This work is targeted to allow to drag signal handlers from glade right into the code. Currently this mostly meant cleaning glade internals but there is still hope finish it for 3.0.

How you can help!

  • Test the latest release and file bugs! Though declared as “unstable” it should be equally stable as 2.30.x.
  • Help us fixing bugs! There is lots of stuff to do including a new icon (we would like to keep the horse which was a unicorn before the horn was ripped off, otherwise you are pretty free) and a new splashscreen.
  • Help to improve language support! We have language support plugins for C/C++, JavaScript and Vala now but most of the Anjuta developers are C coders. We need people to test this and if possible also fix it. Vala support is written in Vala itself which should make it easier for you.
  • Documentation, especially tutorials are another point were you can help us and any potential GNOME contributor in getting started with Anjuta.

Anjuta 2.30.2 released

There is a new stable release of anjuta out that fixes some annoying bugs:

Bugs fixed:
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#618955 – Smart brace completion is no longer smart
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#618314 – Anjuta crash on while editing
message-view: Remove tab position preferences and give colors better defaults
file-wizard: #616810 Error when creating new c source and header
language-support-js: bgo#617734 – Load/Unload the plugin properly when a .js file is open
document-manager: fixed bgo #616739 – doesn’t open .ui files, neither in xml mode
anjuta-tags: bgo #616780. Handle more cases.
anjuta-tags: bgo #616780 – Wrong return type recognition
anjuta: Add APR_UTILS to subversion CFLAGS and LIBS (bgo#617149)

Happy coding,
your anjuta team!

Anjuta 2.30.1 released

Anjuta 2.30.1 “BASIC’s not the answer” (26 April 2010) — Johannes Schmid

Bugs fixed:
symbol-db: Fixed bgo #611834 – Symbol icons are wrong for members
document-manager: bgo #600083 – close documents by middle-mouse click
symbol-db: bgo #614936 – compile error with cfiles under js_parser
symbol-db: bgo #614932 – void function cannot return value
symbol-db: bgo #614933 – build fail with sun cc because zero-sized struct
language-support-cpp-java: libstdc++ is not available on Solaris #614928
gtodo: Deselecting “Hide completed items” does nothing (#614751)
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#615596 – . -> completions doesn’t work with prefixed &, %, etc
libanjuta: #615718 – anjuta-command crash call on set_error_message.
js: bgo#615341 – Use correct LDFLAGS for the JS plugins
dir-project: bgo #616503 consider Vala files as sources
patch: Fixed bug 616740 – duplicated shortcuts nodes

Anjuta 2.30 released

(Sorry, this post comes a bit late but we were all busy to make 2.30.1 and 3.0 rocking even more)

Anjuta 2.30 has been released which is the new stable series that will be supported for the next time. There have been various great improvements and I will list some of them here:

  • Autocompletion of structs in C
  • Support for Javascript as programming language (code completion, debugger and project wizard)
  • Moved to GtkSourceView’s internal auto-completion framework
  • Integration of PackageKit to install missing dependencies
  • Directory backend for the project-manager for non automake/Makefile projects
  • …and of course numerous bugs fixed

Sounds good? Get the latest stuff from

Anjuta 2.28.2 has been released

The Anjuta team is proud to annouce the release of anjuta 2.28.2. This is a bug-fix release of the stable GNOME 2.28 series:

  • misc. build fixes for 2.28 (#600924)
  • Import from git fails (#601567)
  • “generate inhertances…” progress bar doesn’t disappear (#566209)
  • Bad translation error + GTKmm Project error (#606801)
  • Anjuta creates lots of random directories (#607415)