Anjuta released

First, welcome to the Anjuta News blog! This blog is meant to replace the news system really soon and should give back automatic news updates to the website. The website is likely to move to GNOME infrastructure in the near future, too. This blogs won’t reach to the famous Metacity but it should give some more frequent updates on the Anjuta development.


I decided that we should do some in-between releases not following the GNOME cycle to get bug-fixes to the user more quickly. This is the first of these releases and features some major updates in the calltips code to be far less annoying. In addition there is lots of bug-fixing of course:

  • #574607 – Replace function selects text uncorrectly
  • #576959 – Search does not point to correct line number on first match when file is not opened in editor.
  • #574711 – Menu Toolbar unchecked at the first time while toolbar shown
  • #574802 – show calltips makes the editing lag
  • #576057 – doesn’t build with graphviz 2.22.2
  • #575893 – plugins schema files are not installed
  • #575617 – Update FSF address

Get it from as usual while it’s hot!