Import projects directly from version control system

Tired of having to checkout a project by hand before you can import it in anjuta again? This times are gone now, thanks to Carl-Anton Ingmarsson you can now import the project from a Subversion or git repository directly:

New project import dialog

New project import dialog


#1 Vadim P. on 04.06.09 at 1:50 pm

Is bzr planned or “patches welcome”?

#2 jhs on 04.06.09 at 3:54 pm

Sure, the reason bzr is not supported is simply that nobody has written a plugin yet. Someone tried last gsoc but failed so there is still no support for it in current releases.

#3 otte on 04.06.09 at 6:14 pm

Is the project name guessed from the git/svn import URL or the import directory?

#4 jhs on 04.06.09 at 6:24 pm

From the import directory. Actually the project name is always simply the name of the directory the project is in.