54 thoughts on “Nautilus Places Reorganization”

  1. Yes, I like it. However, I think the ‘eject symbol’ should only be present for ‘Drives’, though. And perhaps it would look better if it was placed left, next to the drive’s icon, than right, as it is now? At least, the symbols should align with the ‘vertical arrows’.

  2. @vadim: I removed the email addresses from here to prevent those people from getting /real/ spam and not the emails that they have subscribed themselves to get. If they didn’t want them, they shouldn’t have subscribed. Getting design feedback is helpful, since I’m definitely not a UI designer.

  3. @mats: I don’t see why would you want to remove it. I use it to disconnect from a server connection regularly.

  4. Looks nice. However, shouldn’t the category expansion arrow be placed on the left to be consistent with the list view of Nautilus?

  5. @Vadim: I agree with mats, but in a more literal way. We shouldn’t have an eject icon for server connections – we should have a disconnect button (or generically, an X).

    I like the new look, definite “yes”, but I think I like the old mockup by Hylke more (it just has better aesthetics).

  6. @John: I’m not really sure about that, but it’s probably worth trying out. Rhythmbox puts them on the right, so I put it there first too. With the expanders being on the left there’s probably less of a chance of accidentally ejecting a volume though.

    Not sure how I’m going to manage the “add space between categories” though, the treeview voodoo doesn’t seem to like me much.

  7. @Pacho: Nautilus really needs a new icon canvas to be able to do nice layouts like that one. While the Eel canvas is probably serviceable, it’s not exactly the prettiest or easiest of code to work on. I’ve played around with GooCanvas but I really don’t want to go there, which is a shame since it seems to be the only maintained Gtk+ canvas that uses Cairo.

  8. I like Hylke Bons mockup better, but this is way better than the setup it uses now.

  9. I like it +1.

    May be the mount/umount button is confusing too much close to the group show/hide button. I like the way Apple does it (put them on the left).

  10. Sure, why not… If you want to make it more complex, uglier, and increase the amount of clicks for basic tasks.

  11. Awesome. I was thinking about this very thing last night, and how nautilus side pane should be more like Mac OS ‘Finder’.

  12. Umm, now you’re taking up 25% more space? No thanks! I use an 1024×600 screen and it’s already cramped enough, thanks.

    Collecting them is good, taking up 4 more lines isn’t. Perhaps collecting them and color-coding the backgrounds? Putting a small frame around the groups that can be clicked on to collapse/expand the group (when collapsed, it would take up one line with the category name; double-click to expand)

  13. Very nice. My first thought is the same as mp3geek’s, boldify the headings. From looking at the patch, it looks like a category won’t be shown if it doesn’t have subitems. If so, then I agree with this 100%. Also, this looks like a great place for plugins to possibly expand to.

  14. GNOME Bugzilla doesn’t have a voting system on purpose. Please don’t request people to make it unusable by having loads of ‘+1’ comments. Do that elsewhere.

  15. Yes I like it. With the new mock up, I would be able to completely remove the main tool bar because it has similar features with the side pane anyway and the breadcrumb is a superior replacement for the ‘forward and arrow’ buttons, IMO. So this is good.

  16. The little triangle expander thingies on the categories should be on the left, like they are in every other UI.

  17. Honestly I like the old way better, we already have a problem with too much unnecessary screen real estate being wasted and this adds ‘fluff’ categorization that simply isn’t needed. The fact that it’s collapsible is nice but now you’re using two clicks to the same place you would get to in one. I use the sidebar for a few important shortcuts to my file-system locations and like to have them always there to go to with a quick click. Not a fan of this solution but would adjust should it come that way without issue so I’m not against it (also appreciate any active developer in the FOSS world :P). Now I just need my tabbed nautilus file scrolling to be fixed and I’m quite content ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Great idea. It certainly needs work in terms of graphical design so it’d be as usable as possible. I’d love to see it in the GTK open/save dialog as well. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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