Bounties and the GIMP

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Finally getting this off my TODO list…

A few years ago, bounties became a popular way to try to get features written for free software programs. “I don’t have time or skills to offer”, the logic went, “but I have some money, and perhaps that’ll raise the priority of what’s important to me for some young student out there”.

The idea is sound, as far as it goes. Ximian pioneered it in GNOME, LinuxFund was founded on the principle.

Mark Shuttleworth has also offered bounties for a large number of projects, including a little-known offer of $30,000 to the GIMP project. I have written up the story of that bounty. I’m hoping that we can all learn something from it.

Alice and Bob

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Andy: So I get the feeling the problem isn’t a real-life problem, but anyway. Since Alice and Bob are overlooking the same street, couldn’t Alice just take a picture of Bob sitting at the window showing her his watch?

Or Alice & Bob agree a protocol where they both take pictures of a given event every day (say, the number 7 bus going past, or nightfall, or the coffee-shop closing up), and use those to interpolate the series of photos for the day. That assumes both watches are linear, though. But that seems like a fair assumption.

The LGM logo

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Every conference needs a logo, and we have ours:

I really can’t thank Andreas Nilsson enough for his work on the artwork. I just didn’t have to think about it. I seem to recall discussing ideas with him on a Friday afternoon, and waking up on Saturday morning with a load of goodies in my inbox.

In his words, he “draws the pretty pictures”. And I’m very glad he came to GUADEC last year to tell us that ;-)

Libre Graphics Meeting news

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Some news just in about the Libre Graphics Meeting – we will have a new free software project at the conference, Xara Xtreme. The details still need to be worked out, but it’s always good to see companies converting to the GPL.

In other news:

  • Gerald Friedland, the creator of SIOX will present his work Friday morning.
  • Inkscape hacker & artist Andy Fitzsimon has confirmed he’ll be there, and giving an Inkscape tutorial involving “workflow and nice tips & tricks”, which promises to be cool.
  • Jon Phillips (again of Inkscape) will be talking about Creative Commons – which is particularly appropriate at a conference which is likely to attract top-notch content creators.

Board size referendum

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I was delighted to see that the board size referendum was carried this morning, with 62% of the vote. I was disappointed that turnout was a low 53%, though.

I’d be interested in knowing what the people who don’t vote in foundation elections feel they get out of being a foundation member, and I hope that we can get turnout up past 60% for the board election.

Libre Graphics Meeting website

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Libre Graphics Meeting banner

The Libre Graphics Meeting website is online at – it’s a SPIP backed site, and I’m still trying to figure out the basics (like how the front page layout is done), and I’m looking for people willing to help out with the content. All offers welcome.

The banner to the left was designed by Andreas Nilssen, who also came up with the site’s other banner. Please feel free to use it to link to the conference site.

Many thanks to David Odin and pollux from CPE for getting the site hosted, and to Laotseu (Alexandre from ALDIL) for doing the site design and SPIP installation. And of course Andreas for the graphics.