What I’m up to

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Everything is finally getting started here. I’m playing a piano quintet, but we’re not sure which one yet. Either Brahms or Shostakovich. I went out to Sarasota a couple days ago to audition at the Florida West Coast Symphony, and they put me on the sub list. I might also start playing with a couple orchestras around West Palm Beach. So that’s cool.

I’m not usually all that into anime stuff. I liked Cowboy Bebop though, and I got into Inuyasha for awhile. But now I found some newer show called Bleach that’s not out yet in US and I’ve gotten totally addicted to it, pulling down the new episodes from BitTorrent whenever they’re available.

Engine hacking

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I finally got my first engine update in a long while into the cvs server. Hardware occlusion queries are now implemented for Direct3D and for OpenGL. I’ll get a nice looking test program into cvs soon as well.

Right now I’m hacking on support for Xinerama multiscreen displays in Linux so that the device enumeration will be more sensible. Right now it’s detecting my system as a single 3200×1200 display rather than two 1600×1200 displays. One thing that’s really impressive is that I don’t notice much of a performance loss when it’s rendering across two monitors like that. I haven’t tried it in Windows yet, but I know that using Direct3D you’ll instantly get forced into software rendering mode if you use the second monitor (whether you’re spanned across the two monitors or not).