Pacing deserted roads to find a seed of hope


Said and done, I’m leaving my job in a couple of weeks.


Quite fun overall again, lots of friends came to see us and it seems they’ve enjoyed too (unless they lied to us! ;).

/me singing (badly), Merche to the right

Merche and I again

Merche, David at the drums and Kike at the bass guitar

Too bad that there isn’t any good photo of Felix (the other guitarrist)!

BTW, Ploum, thanks a lot for the feedback and for the links! I’ll have to search more sites like these :).

One thought on “Pacing deserted roads to find a seed of hope”

  1. Oye Carlos, muy buenas estas fotos.

    Qué te iba a decir. Que ya hay un par que estaban preguntando de montar una jam session GNOMEra en la GUADEC de Vilanova. Y que si os apuntaríais.

    Si respondes en mejor, que a ver si así más gente o ve y se monta algo decente.

    Y suerte con los nuevos proyectos.

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