And when you think people can’t get dumber…


Ben Maurer will be glad to read that the problem he described with system-tools-backends (which I was already aware of…) is being worked on the c-dispatcher branch. It’s still experimental and requires a bit of tweaking in g-s-t to pass messages around, but it shows a writable memory usage of ~160KB during init, that’s about 57x smaller, quite nice for a couple of evenings working on it, isn’t it? ;)

On other hacking related news, I’ve been fixing a bunch of GTK+ bugs, and it’s getting funnier by the minute, I think I’ll spend more time with it.

Random facts

When walking to the subway yesterday (some hours ago) I noticed that in front of a nursing home for the elderly there was a huge sign announcing funerary services, what do they want to get with this sign? letting them know they’ll be trying to suck their money even after their death? making them even more aware of what awaits them? whatever the answer is, I found it a quite disgusting sample of how uncaring and egoistic may be society…


Let me say you that you’re then the second last human being without mobile phone :) (I should buy one soon too, though…)


When I left my last job I promised myself to find an exciting job… didn’t get that, but instead I’m seizing time and travelling a lot. In a few hours I’m travelling to Egypt to spend there a week, it’s the 9th country I’ve visited this year, but I find this one pretty exciting! I’ll continue my job search after this travel :P


Just returned from the GNOME developers meeting celebrated in Zaragoza (Spain). It has been quite productive, with workshops about the longstanding GNOME-Hispano project “libro de programación en GNOME” [1] and Evince (courtesy of KaL) and Planner (Courtesy of acs) hacking sessions, there came new people interested in GNOME development [2] and of course we were partying overnight too!

On my side, I’ve also managed to make g-s-t, liboobs and s-t-b releases, and porting to the DBus architecture 95% of the cool patches by Darren Kenny and (I think) Erast Benson to add support for OpenSolaris and Nexenta, with this patch I think s-t-b 2.0 is very close!

[1] a GNOME Development book in spanish
[2] and also some known people didn’t appear, Rodrigo! Telemaco! we missed you!