Just returned from the GNOME developers meeting celebrated in Zaragoza (Spain). It has been quite productive, with workshops about the longstanding GNOME-Hispano project “libro de programación en GNOME” [1] and Evince (courtesy of KaL) and Planner (Courtesy of acs) hacking sessions, there came new people interested in GNOME development [2] and of course we were partying overnight too!

On my side, I’ve also managed to make g-s-t, liboobs and s-t-b releases, and porting to the DBus architecture 95% of the cool patches by Darren Kenny and (I think) Erast Benson to add support for OpenSolaris and Nexenta, with this patch I think s-t-b 2.0 is very close!

[1] a GNOME Development book in spanish
[2] and also some known people didn’t appear, Rodrigo! Telemaco! we missed you!