Managed to move my butt

Man… It’s been a lot of time since the last time I blogged, but it hasn’t been because of lack of news, here’s a quick update (in reverse chronological order):

New Job

After being a while searching for a good job, I have recently joined Imendio! They’re a bunch of nice and smart guys with interesting things to do, looks like exciting times lie ahead…

Here I go!

new g-s-t in GNOME 2.18

During the last year a lot of effort has gone into the DBus branch of the gnome-system-tools stack, lots of code have been refactored, brushed and polished to make it look better than ever (or maybe it’s me, who knows how its guts look like :). It’s really nice to see it getting at last in a stable GNOME release.

Trip to Egypt

Incredible, it was totally restless, but when you return home you’d just want to go back to see more wonders… Here’s a couple of photos to illustrate

Medinet Habu

The Nile from our floating hotel room

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