Giggle 0.2 released!

So here’s the second release of giggle, with heaps of fixes and new features! Here are the relevant links:

Visit the project page for more information!

Call for artists and tango lovers: Giggle is still in need of an icon! it’d be sooo great if someone provided a suitable icon for the desktop entry and the about box.

7 thoughts on “Giggle 0.2 released!”

  1. Hi

    I’m just starting to use git so I’m holding high hopes for giggle!
    One question:
    In the roadmap you mention plans to put in build support for make etc. What about us poor souls that use other build systems (ant,bjam,etc.). Can we expect some love? :)

  2. Hi Jonner!, your patch has always worked fine here, I really think that the window resizing issues are a bug somewhere else, perhaps some more testing could help determine the concrete problem (gtk version or whatever) and avoid saving window size in those cases, but I don’t think it’s a showstopper if it doesn’t work properly, as sane window managers won’t allow a window bigger than the available space

  3. Hi Magnús! didn’t think about that, maybe we should support generic actions, and let developers define the command or something, but take into account that the main purpose of giggle will be to manage the repository, so the support for make (or whatever) won’t probably have all the bells and whistles it could :)

  4. Hi Carlos!
    Fortunately most build systems seam to follow a very similar pattern:
    make (looks up Makefile in cur dir and executes)
    make test (looks up target test in Makefile and executes)
    ant (looks up build.xml in cur dir and executes)
    ant test (looks up target test in build.xml and executes)

    So some sort of general way to specify build system would be greatly appreciated :)

    Probably the best way would be for devs to be able to specify default build system in something like ~/.giggle and project specific build system in something like PROJECTDIR/.giggle (for those that are coding in multiple languages and enviroments).

    Bah, here you are just releasing 0.2 and Im already requesting my pet features…just put me in .gitignore and enjoy your release, it looks realy good :)

  5. Just to mention that the build support idea is a bit of a blue sky idea and not entirely sure that it will happen. It would be a nice thing to have when reviewing and integrating patches together with some simple editing support though.

  6. Another bug that you apparently fixed is that giggle 0.2 doesn’t write

    name = (null)

    to my ~/.gitconfig anymore, when I leave the username field empty in the “personal details” window \o/

    giggle looks promising, thanks :)

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