Ain’t it pretty, ma?

My USB mouse is getting crazy, it sometimes moves the pointer by itself to some random corner and refuses to get it out the there for a while. This leaves me confused for a few seconds, shaking the mouse like crazy and looking at all corners, trying to locate the pointer again.

Of course, the “locate pointer” option in control-center is quite useful, but looked quite ugly enough to make me deactive it again for a couple of times, until I worked on that some days ago!

click to see the animation

Obviously, this effect will only be used if there is a composite manager available, a quite fun hack. I’m really glad that it has been included in gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.x


M-x gtk-doc-insert

If you began using emacs22 and you were used to gtk-doc.el, you probably noticed they aren’t good friends. I had to wipe the dust to my lisp, but I’m glad to tell you there’s already a fix! Right, it also modifies the function not to insert unnecessary trailing whitespaces. Emacs should enable show-trailing-whitespace by default, so we’d all hate them :)

8 thoughts on “Ain’t it pretty, ma?”

  1. Carlos, that effect is awesome for the purpose! :)

    Is it possible to get info from the compositor about the area below the effect?

    This effect would work even better if you could make the “ripple” high-contrast compared to what’s around it – maybe a good approximation would be to color this effect the inversion of the area under it, so it has an even higher chance of standing out.

  2. Carlos, you rock! Amazing effect. BTW, it’s these kinds of effects that are lacking all around gtk/gnome to make it more organic/friendly/cute/usable/… :-)

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