On Tracker stuff

Seeing that Martyn has updated his blog with some sweet tracker info, I figured I could do the same :)

The main feature I’ve been last working on (together with Martyn) is libtracker-miner, Which will ease the creation of data miners for tracker-store (that is, objects that extract useful info from applications and such and transform it into SPARQL, which is pushed into tracker-store).

The idea behind this is that one can develop both independent miners and plugins for the most popular applications which translate data to something Tracker can understand by implementing the TrackerMiner object.

This object also implements control logic, so the control of all available miners can be reduced to a single point, there is also a reworked tracker-status-icon which does precisely this, this is how it currently looks like:

There is also a TrackerMinerFS base class, which eases directory crawling, monitoring and other filesystem features. This is the base object for both applications and files miners.

XInput2 + GTK+
There’s much progress going on here, I empirically suck at blogging, but I promise I’ll make an update about this soon :)