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Fixing the default GNOME3 theme

Now that most of GTK+ widgets are using GtkStyleContext, I finally got onto improving the default gnome3 theme/engine, I finally chose to rip off the tiny clearlooks engine bits I needed to demonstrate how minimal engines can complement and extend the current CSS theming features. So things are getting closer to the mockups:

There are some things that still need to be improved, column headers and expanders most namely, but things should be mostly there pretty quickly. Even though, hands and eyes are most welcome on both the CSS file and the engine.

A gestures interpreter for GTK+
Despite what some might think, my day to day work carries me quite far from theming land, during the last week I got the oportunity to start development on a gestures interpreter for GTK+, a pretty interesting (read: wacky :) ) piece of dynamic programming, that seems to work pretty well for its builtin gestures (Video here, at the moment it handles swiping in the 4 directions, plus circular swipe in both directions)

This code lives at the moment in a GTK+ branch, including a testcase. The gestures interpreter at the moment handles individual pointer movements separatedly, although it may be improved over time to handle multiple input pointers, as the interpreter itself is private and widgets just get an enum for the gesture type.

As the stock gestures could be stored in terms of coordinates or vectors, future plans include having these stored in a mmap()-able format, plus having an editor to create new gestures.

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  1. Looks nice, but there’s quite a lot of whitespace – good for aesthetics, but not so much for usability on a small screen. Is there any work being done on more compact themes, suitable for tablet or netbook screens?

  2. Looks Great!

    I have a theming related question, perhaps, as it speaks to the interaction between the CSS and engine features.

    Do you think it is possible to emulate the ModeButton look (http://audidude.com/?p=61) via CSS using only gtk.ToggleButtons in a gtk.HBox? That is, are the necessary hints (nth-child, etc) present?

  3. @Simon: paddings have been subject to some changes. As far as I know there’s noone working on more compact themes, but that’s quite possible, so it’s a brave new land for people to explore! (hint hint ;)

    @John: GtkBox doesn’t do that at the moment, but containers can indeed modify the junction sides of their child widgets, widgets such as the pathbar in the filechooser can benefit from this as well

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