nautilus-open-terminal 0.8 is out

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This is the first release that is distributed through the server. Thanks to Davyd for making it happen.

Unfortunately, a pal of mine behind that was used to host the old packages is still in clinch with the old hoster so I can’t access my old tarballs and some privare data.

nautilus-open-terminal 0.8

        * Dedicated to Klaus Kreuzeder, an excellent Saxophonist.

        * Depend on Nautilus 2.17.2
        * Use activation URI of selected files for determining URI. This allows to use the extension for your Desktop bookmarks.
        * Also deal with "ssh" URIs and treat them like "sftp" URIs.
        * Use open() and cwd() to change directories. Should fix trouble with blocked media ejection.

        * Added translations
                ar      Khaled Hosny                    
                bn_IN   Runa Bhattacharjee              
                be      Ihar Hrachyshka                 
                da      Peter Bach                      
                dz      sonam pelden
                et      Ivar Smolin                     
                gu      Ankit Patel                     
                ka      Vladimer Sichinava              
                ml      Ani Peter                       
                sl      Matej Urbančič                  

        * Updated translations
                ca      Gil Forcada                     
                en_GB   David Lodge                     
                ne      Mahesh subedi                   
                nl      Wouter Bolsterlee               

4 thoughts on “nautilus-open-terminal 0.8 is out”

  1. Will nautilus-actions be included in GNOME? It is really a usefull and simple app to extend nautilus limited behavior

  2. Ok, sort of works. Apparently the download stops a bit prematurely — but I can still extract older versions of the source code.

    I was wondering… is it strictly necessary to use nautilus_file_info_get_activation_uri() instead of nautilus_file_info_get_uri_scheme()? The former requires a new version of libnautilus.

  3. v0.6 worked for me on Edgy Eft 🙂

    (I gather ssh and sftp support is better in b0.8 but only having good support for local directories is better than not having this extension at all — A big thank you to you Christian!)

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