It’s done!

Nautilus 2.24 will have tab support:

Nautilus with Tabs

Thanks to Jared Moore for making the tab user interface consistent with Epiphany and GNOME Terminal.

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  1. perfect, how about add the possibility to customize the main panel bar, i just want to add to icons in nautilus, icon view and list view,
    thanks for your work, at last we are seeing some new features ( GUI) added to nautilus

  2. well, i would have liked split view better, but tabs are nice too.
    the thing that really makes me happy, however, is that little eject button in the side pane! something i really learned to love in apple’s finder. very nice to see, this has been added aswell!

  3. You, sir, deserve a bacon chocolate chip cookie.
    Actually, you can have as many as you’d like.
    The open source community is full of projects that have tedious work that needs to be done, and Nautilus is one of them. Most people avoid that work at all cost, but you took one for the team. Thanks a bunch, man. I can’t wait to start using it.

  4. Cool! What shocks me more is the list view though. Does this mean that Nautilus now comes with a list that works for single click? That’s just totally awesome.

  5. I sincerely hope those of us who don’t particularly like tabs will never notice the difference (…shame about Gedit) but I’m optimistic you’ve done it right.

  6. noooooo, you have got to be kidding me! Well, at least I don’t use the browser view, but still….

  7. Wow. Looks great! I had my doubts when I first heard about tabs being put into Nautilus, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Thanks! I look forward to trying them out.

  8. Mama mia! Great job! The ejection icon next to the volume is also cool! Lovely work!

  9. Great news! 🙂 I think tabs will be a fantastic addition to a fantastic file browser.

    But… “consistent with Epiphany and GNOME Terminal” – does that mean “sane, intiutive and like every other tab-based app” like GNOME Terminal or “suddenly disappearing and generally being hard to navigate and use” like Epiphany for more than 4 or 5 tabs? Can’t tell from the screenshot, need one more tab I guess. 🙂

    Now, split view? Please? pretty please? 😉

    (Oh, and +1 on liking the eject button)

  10. Great, now if only somebody could do something about the annoying cut and paste, I do a search criteria for certain files in Nautilus search, its finds them I highlight them, do a cut and paste into another directory folder and it can’t move the files ?!?!

  11. Please make a reasonable KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for the switching between the tabs! Not like GNOME Terminal’s Alt+.

    If it works like Epiphany ( Ctrl+PgUp/PgDwn ) to reach the previous/next Tab it is OK. Better would be if it worked like firefox’ Ctl+Tab.

    Thank you! Great work!

  12. Wow! That’s amazing!! That has been one of the features on my wishlist for quite some time now!

    Yes, I like tabs.

    The eject button is also quite sexy. Certainly more intuitive than some cryptic option like ‘unmount’ in a right-click context menu 🙂

    Rock on!

  13. woa nice, I’m really really really looking forward for the 2.24 release 🙂

    ich hoff nur dass es genauso wird wie ichs mir vorgestellt hab… aber da ich ubuntu alpha verwend werd ichs wohl eh bald testen können 🙂

  14. Thanks for your work
    Is there an impact in terms of performance (time to start Nautilus, memory usage) ?
    Do you plan to allow that feature through an extension ?

  15. Hey very cool!!!

    Hopefully we have the cool features like in Firefox:
    – Middleclick on tab close it
    – Doubleclick in tab space generates a new one
    – Drag & Drop to change the order of the tabs

    …and Alan is right tabs in gEdit work in a bad way, may there are synergies between the nautilus implementation and the gEdit implementation to have a powerfull implementation in both Nautilus and gEdit 🙂

    Great work!

  16. … i forget two features:
    – The directory path as a tooltip when hovering over the tab
    – using the mousewheel at the tab space for cycling through the tabs

    These are two good features of the implementation of tabs of gEdit 🙂

  17. It seems GNOME and KDE are trading places.
    Dolphin gets rid of the tabs and Nautilus adds them.
    The screenshot you give took a while to parse for me. It was not obvious to me that the row of buttons is actually a poor mans implementation of the breadcrumb idea. Making it clean via visual clues that the row of buttons represents a directory would be a nice next point of improvement.

  18. Oh god what a mess, complete usability nightmare. That’s exactly like one of those KDE’s UI brainfarts. I hope my Nautilus will never ever make me a new tab, I want to be able to disable that feature completely and for good.

  19. As someone who does like tabs, awesome! I agree with baze that split view would be pretty cool, but this is a great improvement over the millions of nautilus windows that I always seem to end up with. Good stuff.

  20. nice. tabs are very slick but +1 for split view. that feature in dolphin is SO nice~

  21. After 5 years of wait!

    When I proposed the idea on gnome irc everybody was telling me to quit the chat although I was a translation coordinator back then!
    It was a totally bad idea..

    Welcome to freedom!!

  22. After 5 years of wait!

    When I proposed the idea on gnome irc everybody was telling me to quit the chat although I was a translation coordinator back then!
    It was a totally bad idea they said..

    Welcome to freedom!!

  23. Amazing work, Congratz. I have been waiting a long time for this feature.

    One Request: Allow easily dragging files from one tab to another (mouse over tab toggle/activate?) thanks again for the great work…

  24. *Eek* too … Having a compact view is awesome but this … this does feel right … why do ppl want tabs in the first place? not enough space on an Asus Eee or something like that? Surely not for modern desktop, there is no problem putting 3 windows next to each other. If you need more you’re simply incredibly messy.

    I see tabs useful for documents primarly. It’s useful for terminals as you can have multiple different ones (remote, local, … etc) but only care to see one at a time (a terminal tab usually is per “activity”).

    I do not see much the point of having a tab for a directory, really. That’s too bad because it seems to be an awesome hack, thanks Christian. Anyway that’s great it is an option, at least it will not be put on on any distribution, as it seems to be useful for advanced users (but which ones?).

    After the Compact view I suppose the only real beasts left are rubberbanding in the list view and PolicyKit integration (that’s the #1 grief of every new users I encounter – “why can’t I copy this there?”).

  25. It seems the compact view likes most but split view and tabs are not favorites of all (but my too +1 for split screen here).
    So Stéphane is right, there should be options for enabling, disabling tabs and – if we getting it – splt view.

  26. The day my Nautilus makes me one single tab I will install Vista and use it from there on. You have ruined the last viable alternative desktop environment in any case so why not join the dark side completely.

  27. Hey Christian, thanks for caring to answer my blog post =). I posted an answer there, but thought it would be better to just post here:

    I heartedly agree with you on providing solutions for today and tomorrow, not waiting for a future that may never come. I just think that ‘multiple slots/documents in a common window’ is the wrong problem to solve =). In other words, I don’t think a file manager window should ever be showing more than one folder.

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