Back from the Dead ;)

During the last nine months, I have not been doing any GNOME development. After some rants about Nautilus multihead and GNOME’s kilobyte interpretation, I was busy with my studies (bachelor thesis, international advanced seminar on signal processing) and started doing sports (running, climbing) which I dreadfully had been disregarding before.

In the current spring break, it’s time for some development. I published some new nautilus-open-terminal releases and proposed some modifications on the thumbnail spec for improving the directory loading performance in Nautilus. Further plans include keybindings for extensions, better multihead support and (as always) UI polish according to user input.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Dead ;)”

  1. Just a thank you from a Nautilus user! Right now, loading large directores with many images is slow, ugly and unusable: pages and pages of scrolling icons for tens of seconds is not something a user wants to see when they open a directory. Keep up the good work!

  2. Multihead has like loads of bugs reported (and people even providing patches to fix it) but “nobody” picks them up upstream and they start rotting while the situation does not improve and users give up.

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