Conduit Rises Again?

September 23, 2010

The recent earthquake, and subsequent closing of university for 10 days gave me the opportunity to finish off some of the work I had started on Conduit, but never found the motivation nor time to finish. In bullet point form, this work included

  1. Removal of HAL
    All hardware discovery is now done using udev (and the Python gudev bindings)
  2. Removal of  last traces of gnomevfs
    All file access now uses GIO. and GIO exclusively. Volume and mount detection is now handled by gio.VolumeMonitor
  3. Much cleanup and removal of old code
    gtkmozembed support was dropped, now checks for all dependencies, fixes and tidy ups of DBus interface
  4. Shotwell support
    Support for this wonderful photo manager was contributed by  Nathaniel Harward

Changes are in git. The main reason for all these changes is that now I have an iPhone. I have merged the iPhone module, and have varying degrees of success synchronizing Photos, Notes and Calendar items to/from Evolution and the device. Much credit for this work goes to Martin Szulecki and the rest of the libimobiledevice team.

Some work is already committed in the git iphone branch, more shall be committed when I finish it.

Conduit iPhone Synchronization

6 Responses to “Conduit Rises Again?”

  1. Nice to see news from this great software 🙂

  2. John Says:

    So, this means that it’s possible to sync contacts with a non-jailbroken iPhone? That’s literally the one and only sync I need on any platform, of any content. If so, then this is enormously great!

    [Yip, libimobiledevice works on non-jailbroken phones]

  3. John Says:

    Great news about not needing a jailbroken iPhone. I knew about libimobiledevice, but didn’t know that contacts were accessible from it.

    Do you have a target for which version will include these improvements? I’m *really* looking forward to the time when I don’t have to use my personal Perl script -> WAB -> iTunes one-way “sync”.

  4. Jones Lee Says:

    Great work. I have not yet touched Conduit for a while, time to dig up this hidden gem

  5. John Watson Says:

    I am really looking forward to being able to sync my Thunderbird / Evolution calendar with my iPhone! Excellent work and thanks go to everyone working on Conduit and libimobiledevice. Thank you!

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