Fedora 14 : F is the new Amazing

Huge congratulations to everyone on the release of Fedora 14.  It’s amazing to be part of a community full of energetic and passionate people, who care about getting free software into the hands of millions.  Hell, even pumpkins get Fedora for Halloween.  That thing  blows my mind.  But since 11 is no longer enough, people are gonna crank the party up to 14 literally all over the globe.  So maybe you should too.  If you can’t yet hear the party outside already, join the fun by grabbing the latest smokin’ hot images.  You like KDE?  This spin’s for you.  You live on the lighter side?  All yours.

♦ ♦ ♦

But while everyone rides the 14 high we’re sprinting the home stretch towards GNOME 3.0 and Fedora 15.  It’s the most exciting change for the desktop since the GNOME design team began snorting lines of awesome off candy coated rainbows and the Spice Girls had a Top 40 record.  You’ll love it.  You know your mom does.  She told me so.