Dear Nokia…

Why is it that whenever I go to the Ovi store, it says:

Pardon the interruption
This site is currently undergoing maintenance.

and for some reason that maintenance always seems to take more than the two hours the Ovi blog says it will. In the mean time I’ve given up trying to get my angry birds or mapping program or desktop backgrounds or whatever.

News flash: nobody’s going to buy your shit if they can’t actually get to it in the first place.

I’m not aware of the App Store or the Android market being down for hours at the exact same time as I want to look for something. Leading me to two possible conclusions… either Nokia hates me, or their Ovi Store servers consist of actual monkies shoving bits of data into a pipe and those monkies all just got shot by poachers for the medicinal properties of the hair on their left earlobe. you tell me which is more likely.  I vote for number 2..