N950 charging WTF

Courtesy of Zeeshan I came into an N950 last year, so that I could make the N9/N950 work great with ModemManagerMission accomplished.  And one of the most annoying things about it is that when the battery is charged, it stops charging even though it’s still plugged in.  So, of course, I wake up in the morning and since it’s stopped charging while plugged in, the battery is now down to 75% or even lower.

So I humbly ask the Internet, is there a way to tell the N9/950 not to drain the battery when it’s done charging and still plugged in?

2 thoughts on “N950 charging WTF”

  1. This won’t be helpful to fix the problem, but I can say that this problem does not happen to me when charging my N950 over night.

  2. I didn’t have any such issue with N9 for all the years I used it nor I heard from anyone else about this issue so I’d guess that its a N950 specific issue. N950 has been nothing more than a prototype for N9 so I’d expect issues like these.

    BTW, I failed to get N9 to work with ModemManager (the one in F20). 🙁

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