Spin Class

via Roadsidepictures (CC BY-NC 2.0)

We’ve recently binged on making NetworkManager work better in more places, mostly enterprise and virtualization related.  But one thing we’ve wanted to do for a long time was make things more modular.  And that got landed this week via the dev-plugins branch, which makes ATM, Bluetooth, and WWAN into shared libraries loaded optionally at startup.

Distro packagers can now create separate NetworkManager-atm, NetworkManager-bluetooth, and NetworkManager-wwan packages, each with their own dependencies, while the NetworkManager core goes forward a slimmer, smaller, more efficient version of its previous self.  If you’re installing NetworkManager into minimal environments, you can just ignore or remove these plugins and revel in your newfound minimalism.

The core NM binary is now about 15% smaller, and there’s a corresponding 7.5% RSS reduction at runtime when no plugins are loaded.  What’s next?  Possibly WiFi, which would save about 6 – 8% of the core binary size.